My Story

I am Allen Wayne Warren. I represent District 2 on the Sacramento City Council. I grew up in this district and over the years, I watched the people in this community face many major challenges, including inadequate housing, poor educational services and opportunities, the lack of sufficient job opportunities and job training, the lack of youth recreational opportunities, poor access to health care, inadequate public safety services, few businesses to serve the community and no quality food and grocery stores.

These are the kinds of things that make for a strong healthy community and when they are present, people have hope and believe that they too can share in the American Dream. Without these things, people feel a sense of hopelessness and despair; that’s not right and I know they are entitled to and deserve better.

Many people in the District believe that government should solve these problems. I too would like to see government do more; but early on, I realized that the government either could not or would not totally solve these problems. If these problems were going to be solved, the people in our community would have to take more responsibility for solving them.

Over the years, I recognized that there were already many people living in our community and trying to address these problems, by themselves, without the help of government. However, they did not have the financial resources necessary to produce the needed changes. That is when I decided to commit my time and resources to help our community build a network of people and organizations that understand the problems in the district and who knew how to go about solving them.

I decided to run for City Council to make sure government does its fair share in serving the people of District 2; and finally, it is important to note that I donate my City Council salary toward making our nonprofits stronger.

How can you help?

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