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Affordable Housing

To facilitate growth and development of affordable housing aimed at combating the blighted housing conditions, I joined with “Affordable Housing Change Agents”, such as Mutual Assistance, SVOC and others to build more than 500 affordable units in our community. As we continue to build affordable housing in our community, we are transforming the standard of life for people who live in District 2.


Attracting Jobs to District 2

To stimulate the effort to bring job opportunities to our community in Del Paso Heights, I purchased a piece of land on Marysville Boulevard and donated it to the Sacramento Urban League. I then helped them to build their own building to create a permanent home in our community. The “Employment and Training Change Agents” based in the Urban League, exploded by implementing effective and successful strategies in job placement that resulted in thousands of District 2 residents getting jobs. They are transforming our workforce every day, one person at a time.

College Opportunities

Historically, many area students have graduated from high school and had no prospects of going to college. I joined hands with the “Education Change Agents” and gave them space in a building, free of charge. These change agents now operate through a nonprofit organization known as “U-Can”. Since their inception, they have helped thousands of students to get into colleges and receive financial aid. Their efforts continue to transform the lives of young people in our community today.


Attracting New Businesses

As District 2 transforms into a more job-ready workforce, the climate becomes more attractive to new businesses. Since I have been on the City Council and working with the “Business Change Agents” in our community, approximately 1,000 new business licenses have been issued in the District and the Grocery Outlet, Super X Market and the Viva Supermarket have all opened grocery stores in our community.

Safe Neighborhoods 

I donated resources to seed the growth and development of a group called Brother-to-Brother. In this case, the best “Neighborhood Safety Change Agents” were ex-offenders and ex-gang members. This group has and continues to transform our community by reaching high risk and gang-affiliated African Americans to help them to change through coaching and mentorship. Their success has enabled our community to establish a better working relationship with the law enforcement community.


Cultural Awareness 

Diversity is important so my efforts have been aimed at making sure that everyone is included and has a seat at the table. I joined with the “Cultural Inclusion Change Agents” to assure that cultural diversity is reflected in District 2. With my support, the Hmong community now has the HOPE Cultural Center to call home and the Taco Festival brings together many different cultures as a way of stimulating cross-cultural relations and economic development.

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