Sacramento Latino Democratic Club Endorsement

At the Wednesday night endorsement meeting of the Latino Democratic Club, the membership voted unanimously to endorse Allen Warren for Sacramento City Council District 2.

Several members of the club spoke on behalf of Allen Warren and made the case that he had demonstrated a commitment to the Latino community. Mina Perez, a resident of District 2 and active Latina leader, made a compassionate presentation outlining Allen’s role in helping them to start the Annual North Sacramento Taco Festival, which is going into its fifth year. She said, “the Taco Festival is not only an effort to share the culture of the Latino community, it is also intended to stimulate economic activity by bringing business owners together to service the entire community and Allen Warren gets it.”

“Councilman Warren is known as a giver in our community. While he has been working with the City to get more resources to address various problems in the district, when there is a gap, he has personally stepped in and given his own resources. In fact, he does not take the Council salary; but he donates it to nonprofit efforts in the district,” said Daniel Savala, a resident of District 2 and former member of Warren’s staff.

Elsa Romo, a member of the club and resident of District 2, shared a story of how Allen Warren stepped in and saved the Grant High School students from what could have been a very embarrassing and disappointing experience for the students. She said, “ the students of the Si Se Puede Club were planning a graduation ceremony and another elected official said she would provide the funds for the event and at the last minute, she did not provide the money and left the students stranded. We reached out to Council Warren and he stepped up to provide the money.”

Many of the club members were well aware and pleased that Council Warren was one of the main sponsors of last year’s Caesar Chavez March.

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